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How We Accurately and Precisely detect Circulating Tumor Cells

Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) are cells that have detached from the primary tumor and flow into the blood or lymphatic circulation creating a secondary tumor. Despite their rare population, these cells exhibit metastatic attributes and are related to cancer progression. Detecting and isolating them is the priority of many research projects and although there has been great progress made in this area there are many drawbacks associated with sensitivity and specificity of different methodologies. R.G.C.C Group has established a new alternative fluidic based method with 86.6% Sensitivity and 83.3% specificity among different typed of cancer. R.G.C.C Group’s platform, lacking enrichment steps has the ability to offer a precise and accurate detection and isolation of the CTCs in blood.

R.G.C.C.S Test Description

Explore and offer a personalized treatment approach through individual testing. You are a unique person, why would your disease not be unique? Our tests are designed to inform and help your Oncologist devise a personalized treatment plan.
*** Prices are approximate amounts and are subject to changes out of our control.

Onconomics ($2300)

This test provides information about the efficacy of specific DRUGS on cancer cells derived from a single patient. The method incorporates two procedures, epigenetic analysis and viability assays to validate the data.

Onconomics Extract ($2100)

Provides information about the efficacy of NATURAL BIOLOGICAL SUBSTANCES or EXTRACTS on cancer cells. This assessment is based on three methods: The direct cytotoxic effect, stimulation of the immune system and the inhibition of proliferative signals on the cancer cells.

Onconomics Plus ($2600)

Combines information in the Onconomics and the Onconomics Extracts on previous page.

Oncocount ($1100)

Provides information only about the presence and the concentration
of Circulating Tumor Cells. Relevant to relapse and recurrence of the disease.

Immune-Frame ($1200)

Profile of Humoral and Cellular Immunity and Cachexia

Metastat ($1200)

Markers on Circulating Tumor Cells that point out the potent organ for relapse

Oncotrace ($1200)

Provides information about the presence of Circulating Tumor Cells, their concentration and Immunophenotype, which may help identify their origin.

ChemoSNiP ($1300)

SNPs are related with response rate or betabolism of cytostatic or targeted drugs which are used as cancer therapy.

Oncotrail ($1200/Retest $900)

This test is a taylormade test for specific types of Malignancies such as breast, prostate, colon, GI, Sarcoma, Melanoma and Lung Cancers. This test includes all markers relevant for a specific type of malignancy which makes the test a good tool for follow up control.

SOT Selective Oligodeoxynucleotide Therapy ($2000/Add. $1500)

In Cancer: SOT induces apoptosis
(cell death) in the CTCs/CSCs (circulating cancer tumor & stem cells) and ALL primary and metastatic tumors (regardless of size, and is able to cross the blood brain barrier with ease).

SOT is not a genetic therapy and no genotoxic (chemo) drugs are used.

SOT has a stealth like ability to avoid destruction and will work 24/7 to fight the virus and or cancer for as long as 46 months.

DC/IST Dendritic / Immune Support Therapy ($9000)

Autologus Immune Cell: Made from the Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) which attach to Dendrites which are messaging cells.
The Dendrites then present them to the Cytotoxic T Cells. The Cytotoxic T Cells migrate to the tumor and attack the Tumor Cells and the Circulating Tumor Cells in the Blood and Lymph.

Cost of DC/IST includes first 3 doses by IV therapy, Retesting of the Immune Frame Test and Oncotrace Test after the 3rd DC/IST dose is given.

ATA Autologous Tumor Antigen ($5000)

RGCCs Vaccine Prep: Uses Tumor Associated Antigens
(TAA) which are derived from the patientsisolated Circulating Tumor
Cells. (CTCs)

These CTCs carry Gene Mutation Encoding for Unique Tumor Associ-
ated Antigen.

TAAs stimulate effective and long lasting Anti Tumor Response.

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